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Library Treasure Hunt

The Questions for Treasure Hunt will appear on the following places on any day between in the month of April to June.

  • Library Notice Board
  • Library Blog
  • Library Website

To Participate

Find out the answers to the question from any source like library books, internet, CD ROMs etc.

You need to provide your answers along with the reference you have used to find the answers

If it is a book provide the Title, Author, Publisher, Edition and page information. If the book is consulted from a library provide the library name and accession number

For internet resources provide the complete URL and the date on which you accessed it.

For CD ROM provide the title and publisher information

For other sources provide the details

Points will be awarded to correct answers in the following manner

Every correct answer will get you 1 point
For the right reference source, you will get additional points
If the resource used for an answer is a library book and it is referenced correctly, you will get 2 additional points
For internet resource referenced properly, you will get 1 additional point