Library Services

Circulation of books

Regular circulation of books is provided for classes VI and above. Generally the circulation is done during the library periods, but in order to encourage better and more utilisation of library resources the circulation is done on free periods of the library.

Library Periods

Two library periods are there for every class starting fromVI to XII . During library periods students can issue and return the books. The students are encouraged to maintain their reading lists and to submit book reviews of the books they have read.

Class Libraries

Class libraries are functioning from I to V. The teachers in charges of the respective classes select books from the library according to the academic standard and reading habit of the students. About 50-60 books are provided for each class and the teacher concerned will distribute the books to the students during library periods. The books can be changed from the main library from time to time.

CBSE Question papers

Previous Question papers of CBSE are kept in the library. Sample question papers and question banks are also procured for reference of the teachers and students.

Notice/Bulletin Boards

The library notice board gives information regarding new books added to the library, book of the week, student book review, career, higher education and competition related information. A Bulletin board is displayed in the library provide information and instructions.

New Arrivals

The new arrivals list is displayed in the notice board. The new books are also displayed on New Additions display rack. The book jackets are also prominently displayed in the library.

Book Reviews

Good book reviews by the students and book review columns published on the newspapers are displayed. It gives a chance to the readers to understand the books.

Career/Higher Education Alerts

A section of the notice board is utilised for alerts on higher education and career. Information brochures of various academic institutions, advertisements etc are displayed here.

Article Alert

A list of new articles appeared in the magazines/periodicals and which are relevant to the students are displayed to promote the reading by students.

Reference Services

There is a good collection of reference books in the library in different subject areas. These books are not issued and allowed to read only in the library.

Quiz Club

The library organises the regular quizes for the Quiz Club members.

Book Exhibitions

Book Exhibitions with cooperation from the difference publishers/sellers are organised every year.


To promote reading habit and library use, competitions such as surprise library quiz, book quiz, reading sessions, designing of book jackets, etc are being organised regularly. Prizes are given to three best readers taking into consideration the overall use of library resources by the students. Every session, best library users are selected from each section and Reading Achievement Certificates are issued.

Technology Training

Library offeres technology training sessions on app development, Google Scratch, Basic IT Skills and Coding. Sessions on Cyber Safety are conducted regularly.