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Library Automation

Effective management and utilisation of the library resources in an School Library requires incorporation of modern technologies as the Librarian alone has to do all the tasks in the library. This always causes delays in assisting the students to get the information they require as well as circulation of books to maximum number students in library periods alloted to the classes.

To facilitate the effective use of books the School Library has started computerisation with the Library Management Software developed in house by the Librarian. The software provides facilities for catalogue search, circulation of books and magazines, reservation of books, reports, class library management, fine collection, library statistics etc. Reports on the books issued, reservation status, search book by member and accession number, book suggestion and selection, budget expenditure and more for KV Libraries are available.

All the library resources are barcoded. Access to OPAC is provided through library websites (Intranet and Internet).

If you would like to try this free software for your library, you may contact the Librarian at librarian[at]

Snapshots of Library Software

Data Entry for Books

Circulation of Books

Issued Books Report

If you would like to try the software for your library mail to kvklibrarian[at] with your details.