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Library Activities/Competitions

The lack of interest from the students to participate in the library or book related contests and competitions organized by the Vidyalaya revealed their disinterest in the routine competitions like literary quiz, book review competition and various other regular activities. So we have devised innovative competitions for our students and along with the prizes library points were also given to encourage more participation in the competitions.

Reading Competition/Star Reader Challenge

Reading Competition is an annual contest started from the year 2012. The students will have to register and select books to read after approval from their teachers or librarian. The participants have to maintain a reading diary and finally submit a detailed entry of any one of the books chosen by them. At the final stage the students will go through a "Face-to-Face with a Teacher". The prizes for the competition is sponsored by our alumni Mr. Kiran Ramachandran.

Weaving a Story Contest

Students have to weave a story utilising the characters/places/things provided.

Freeze Zone

An activity to promote 21st century skills. The Freeze Zone is one of the much awaited activities in the Readers' Club

Trade 'N' Solve

The activity aims to develop negotiation and leadership skills of students.

Lilbrary Treasure Hunt

Library Treasure Hunt aims to:

  • Familiarize the students with the library resources
  • Create awareness on various types of reference sources and how to refer them
  • Enabling them to search the library catalogue
  • Awareness about the authors, publishers and editions of books
  • Fact finding skills
  • Library statistics

In the Library Treasure Hunt, a set of ready reference questions will be posted on the library notice board and library website for which the students have find answers from the best suitable reference source. Each correct answer will be given 1 mark and an additional two points will be given to the correct answer taken from the appropriate reference source with the correct reference format.

Surprise/On-the-Road Quiz

Surprise quiz questions will appear any time on the notice board during celebrations and the students who could answer the questions will be rewarded with library points and/or books.

Book Title Challenge

Book Title Challenge make use rebus puzzles which depicts the title of popular books. The challenges help the students not only to "think-out-of-the-box" but also make them aware of the most popular books and their writers. The challenge also creates interest among the students to read the books that appear in the challenges.

Online Quiz

Online quizzes are conducted from time to time on various topics through the platform developed by the Librarian

Story Telling

Story telling sessions and story chain are conducted during the library period and Readers' Club periods.

Book Fair

Regular book fairs are conducted during various library celebrations like the Book Week (Librarian's Day), National Library Week and Reading Month. The book fairs helps in generating awareness among the students and also helps in book selection based on student recommendations.

Other activities include:

  • Twist in the Tale
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Book trailers
  • Book Talk
  • GK Quiz
  • Word Power
  • Croosword

Other Competitions Organised by the Library

The Library organized a special district level Online Quiz on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in the previous years in association with Nallapadam Club. Around 1000 students from different schools participated. The Top Ten students were awarded certificate and books by APJ Abdul Kalam as prizes. This year also a Quiz on APJ Abdul Kalam is proposed to be held at District Level in association with Malayala Manorama Nallapadam in the month of September. Library also promote the students to participate in various competitions and contests.