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A Long Walk for Bina Be Careful What You Wish For Give Yourself Goosebumps: Reader Beware You Choose the Scare The Hardy Boys: Boardwalk Bust How to befriend your shadow Bumper Book of Jokes Tinkle Double Digest No. 31 Goosebumps: Night of the living dummy III World Famous adventure stories Famous Jungle Stories Goosebumps: Chicken Chicken I am Malala: The gilr who stood up for Educationa ans was shot by the Taliban Hold My Hand The football fanatic's essential guide Ravana: Roar of the Demon King Mocking Jay: The Final book of The Hunger Games Catching Fire: The Second Book of The Hunger Games The Hunger Games George and the Big Bang The Room on the Roof Romi and the Wildfire A Long Walk for Bina Catching Fire: The Second Book of The Hunger Games The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse Quidditch Through the Ages

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RASHMI T.R, 6 A: Tales of Fosterganj
ANJANA S, 8 A: Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone
MONISHA N.M, 8 A: Goosebumps : How I got My Shrunken Head
NAVANEETH S. NAIR, 8 A: Waiting for Mahatma
VISHNUSARAT, 7 C: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever
K.V SARADA, 6 D: Sati savitri
YESHWANTH P, 8 D: And Thereby Hangs a Tale
KRISHNAKANTH C, 6 C: Tintin: In the Land of the Soviets
JOEL BRIGHT, 10 A: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw
HARSHITH S, 7 A: Going solo
NIHAD AHAMMED, 7 A: Threee Men in a Boat Class IX Term I & II
VISHNU RADHAKRISHNAN, 7 A: Goosebumps Horrorland: Welcom to Horrorland A Survival Guide
BENN GEORGE, 6 B: The Feluda Mysteries: A Bagful of Mystery
VISMAYA A, 8 C: The Story of My Life
P SANDEEP, 6 C: Feluda Mysteries: Beware in the Graveyard
AMEENA SHIRIN M, 6 A: Tiger Sultan
DEEPAK DINESH, 6 C: Tinkle Double Digest No. 18

Recent Donations Received

Sanjay C Sekhar, VI C : Classic Tales for Children
Sanjay C Sekhar, VI C : Tinkle Double Digest No. 50
Liya Ann Mary, VI B : The Invisible Man
Liya Ann Mary, VI B : The Pocket Book of Funny Jokes
A Rishikesh, VII D : Star Trek: The Continuum Book 2 of 3 Q-Zone
Kanishka, VI A : Stay Out of the Basement
Farsana and Ann Mary, VI A : My Hairiest Adventure
Nil : How to Win Friends and influence People
Nil : Well Done, Secret Seven
Nil : Famous Five: Five Get into a Fix
M Rahiman, Librarian : Swathantra samarakatha kuttikalku
Shivasurya, VII C : The Prince
Hridhya, VI B : Over 500 Fabulous facts
Ananya, VI B : Tom Sawyer
M Rahiman, Librarian : Ente Jeevithakatha
Shivasurya, VII C : Tales from Indian Classics
Devika R, IX D : My Story
Veivekananda Seva Samiti : Personality Development
Ridhun KS, VIB : Tales from Panchtantra: The Mouse and His Friends
Nandana S, X C : The Famous Five: Five Go off to camp; Five Get Into trouble; Five Fall into Adventure
Liya Ann Mary, VI B : Great Scientists: Wright Brothers
Sajith Manu, X B : Alice in Wonderland
Ridhun KS, VIB : Little Book of Stories
Rajath Rajeev, VI B : Goosebumps: Let's Get Invisibile


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