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Weaving a Story Contest

Weaving a Story


Characters - Minimum Four
  1. Foxy the Fox
  2. Bunny the Rabbit
  3. Pigzy the Pig
  4. Tigra the Tiger
  5. Elphy the Elephant
  6. Leon the Lion
  7. A Boy
  8. Monku the Monkey
  9. Balu the Bear
Places - Minimum One
  1. The Jungle
  2. A Village
  3. A Town
Things - Minimum Two
  1. A Red Balloon
  2. A Red Car
  3. A Red Cycle
  4. A River
  5. A Rock
  6. A Tree
  7. A Cave

Write a story using at least 7 Characters/things/places from above. It should have the minimum number from each category (750 WORDS MAXIMUM)

Your story should have a proper title.

Use a separate sheet for the Title of the Story, Your name and Class and the Characters/Place/Things you have used. Story should be Original. Copies or imitations of story published elsewhere will not be considered.

Submit your entries on or before 20.04.2011

Type your story in Microsoft Word Font Arial, Size 12 and mail it to the Librarian “Subject: Competitions under weaving a story.